Mondays Motivational Talks With Colleagues

The Directorate Of New Media, Nigerian Association Of Radiography Students – From The Stables Of The Chief Editor

Mondays Motivational Talks With Colleagues

The Chief Editor of the Directorate Of New Media, Comr. Ugorji Clinton Ejikeme (SA to NARS National President On Media And Publicity) wishes to notify all Radiography Students of the commencement of our activities today.

From the template released by the Content Managers Of The Directorate, Mondays are slated for motivational talks and encouraging piece from our colleagues.

The first edition hosts the number one Radiography student in the country, Comr. Aliyu Mohammad Bello; the NARS National President.

Bellow are snippets of an inspiring session with him as he talks about his life as a student.

“…my life as a student began with challenges partly because of the commitments I had. Despite advises and nudges from different quarters telling me not to be a course rep if I want to pull through in the Radiography department, I was appointed as the class representative in my first year.

The first year was relatively easy since the courses were sciences we were all used to, but troubles began creeping in the second year when I was appointed the 200 level class representative of the faculty of “Allied Health Sciences”; since we all had harmonized lecture sessions.

My academic life took the first hit since I barely attended a full lecture in a day, and I struggled to balance my duties with others. I had to live with a compact schedule, and was usually busy attending to lecturers who would want to fix classes, while other students would be attending lectures.

The number of courses we were offering (over fifteen in a semester) did not help issues, and my phone was literally ringing with calls at every moment, causing me to read at night which I scarcely adhered to. But God came to the rescue, and during these experiences I realized that there’s always a special divine intervention for leaders.

I graduated into the third year and was greeted with my major courses like Radiography Anatomy which required apt attention, and again I struggled. The time factor was still a problem since I had to keep in touch with different lecturers from different department. Thanks to the architect of our destiny, I progressed to the fourth year despite the glaring challenges.

The fourth year was a breeze through, and I came to the realisation that we are not the sculptors of our fate. Consistency plays a major role in whatever we are doing. If we maintain consistency and continue being reliable, success is guaranteed.

I indulge everyone one of us to put God in whatever they are doing…

Talking about motivation; my source of motivation was majorly from reading online articles concerning Radiography. Interaction with my senior also motivated me, and they gave me the right information I needed. Every student ought to seek proper orientation which they should strictly adhere to no matter how challenging they may be.

My family, friends and colleagues were also part of my motivation.

The importance of orientation cannot be overstated, because all students need the right information in order to have a smooth transition through the four walls of our prestigious institutions of learning.

Once again, I am Aliyu Mohammad Bello, a 500 level Radiography student of Bayero University, Kano State. I wish all Radiography students the best of luck as they continue being exceptional in their studies.”

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