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Nigerian Association of Radiography Students

The Nigerian Association of Radiography Students (NARS) is the only officially recognised authority/body of all Radiography students studying in Nigeria. It comprise of all students undergoing a B.Sc (Bachelor of Science) or a B.Rad (Bachelor of Radiography) program in Nigerian universities.

Prof. Felix Erondu
Student Organization Non-profit organization
Representation of all Nigerian students in matters affecting them and the profession.
Abuja, Nigeria
Over 6000 members
Official Language
English Language
Current President
Comrade Aliyu Muhammad Bello
Parent Association
Association of Radiographers of Nigeria (ARN)
Radiographers Registration Board of Nigeria (RRBN),
International Society of Radiologic Technology Students (ISRTS)

NARS was founded in 1993 by Professor Felix Erondu; founder and medical director of Image Diagnostics, which has branches across the country. The association was established with the main aim of uniting Radiography students under one umbrella, representing their needs and also protesting for their welfares.

Schools offering Radiography


Below are the structures of the association which has carried out its purpose and maintained its standard.

NARS Executive Council
The NARS National Executive Council comprise of the following;

i. The President
ii. The Vice President (internal affairs)
iii. The Vice President (external affairs)
iv. The Secretary General
v. The Assistant Secretary General
vi. The Financial Secretary
vii. The Public Relations Officer
viii. The Treasurer
ix. The Academic Director
x. The Director of Sports
xi. The Director of Welfares
xii. The Director of Welfares II
xiii. The Director of Transport
xiv. The Director of Socials

Committees And Liaison Officers

There exists the underlisted committees and appointed officers under NARS

i. Social and Games/Sports committee
ii. Board of Auditors
iii. Annual Convention Planning Committee/ LOC
iv. Standing Committee on Radiography Education (SCORE)
v. Standing Committee on Public Health (SCOPH)
vi. Standing Committee on International Relations (SCOIR)
vii. Directorate of New Media (DNW)
viii. Directorate of Research and Radiography Journal (DoRADJ)
ix. Liaison officer to ARN
x. Liaison officer to RRBN
xi. Liaison officer to all HODs
xii. Liaison officer to Radiography Lecturers Association of Nigeria (RLAN)

Directorate’s and committees

1. Standing Committee on Radiography Education SCORE
2. Standing Committee International Relations SCOIR
3. Standing Committee on Public Health SCOPH
4. Directorate of New Media DNM
5. Directorate of Research and Radiography journals DoRadJ
6. Nars Games NG
7. Convention Planning Committee CPC
8. NARS Socials NS


The NARS National Executive Council tenure begins at the end of a national congress during the annual national convention and ends the next year, during the subsequent national congress. The duration of a tenue is one year.

NARS National Constitution