Pros and cons to choosing radiography after jamb have showed you shege

If you were a fly on the wall in a typical science class in a Nigerian secondary school, you would have been bored because no one had anything new to say – not the teachers and not the students. It seemed like it had already been pre-ordained that science students be either doctors, nurses, or engineers. There’s a whole world out there with millions of opportunities to explore your talent and passion for science, but I guess this is what happens when our imagination, or should I say learning resources, are limited.

Being a doctor is a valid dream, no doubt, but most of us only wanted it because it was what we were supposed to want – the only dream available, the only dream we knew. It was approved by concerned neighbors, proud teachers, and those fussy ladies in church.

We put a lot of effort into studying, and when the results came in, ‘disappointed’ is too tame a word to describe that feeling. To be truthful, most of us would not have been able to handle medicine and surgery. This is not to say that students of radiography have it easier – and that is beside the point. Regardless of if we chose to study this course to avoid rewriting UTME exams, it is an interesting path to take. It is rewarding to be in a branch of allied medicine that gives so much room for wider specialization, knowing that without us, modern medicine would suffer.

E-signed by: Stephen Idaraesit Joy
Chairman of SCORE
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Written by: Edu Forever Anthony
Member of SCORE (Uniuyo)
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  1. Radiography is the root to medicine because one will need to diagnose the problem or problems before the doctor can treat. Therefore medical radiography as a course is good.

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